Dressing Room Talk, pt. 2

backwards and into the future   November 12, 2016 Long Island, New York It’s our final tour performance, and so far it feels like my best by a stretch. My body is relaxed, loose and strong. I have no nerves. … Continued

Dressing Room Talk (pt. 1)

| 11.2.16 | The intermission between the Beethoven and the Brahms is the first opportunity I have during our program to sit down and breathe in the dressing room. It’s a minute – fifteen to twenty, actually – to process … Continued

Playing Favorites (Act II)

| 10.24.16 | BEETHOVEN OPUS 130 (2016) Our Cast: Matthew Dibble with Ron Todorowski, Daniel Baker, Ashlee Dupre, Ramona Kelley, Amy Ruggiero, Reed Tankersley, me. Dancerly duties: This dance is very much Matt’s, so if I attempt to describe it … Continued

Playing Favorites (Act I)

| 10.20.16 | Today I’m going to play favorites. At the end of many a workday, Twyla makes a habit of asking her dancers to report on our favorite part of rehearsal. It is often a quick-thinking exercise in creativity … Continued

Some Unnecessary Program Notes

| 10.14.2016 | (here I will tell you nothing useful about anything you’re about to see) On the tour bus. It’s the day after our opening in Mesa, AZ. I’m going to describe my dancing in this program we’re touring. … Continued


| 10.8.2016 | THE DAY OF The day after the day off is the day of our first tour performance. As I wake up, my morning lags under the pressure of a big premiere, which feels unwarranted since that has … Continued

The Day Off

|10.6.2016|   We arrive in Arizona to an afternoon off. Then another day off. This is not my first Tharp rodeo, and I’ve so far learned that how I spend my free time on these grueling, tricky tours must take … Continued

Tour Diary, Take Two

|10.5.2016| Following an excited announcement introducing my blog this spring, I remained mostly silent – save for a couple of painstakingly and heavily revised reflections – throughout the summer. For this inactivity I can provide a few reasons, stemming mostly … Continued

the blog

| 6.7.2016 | Some Kind of Second Wind | The not-so-serious diary of a dancer on the run, inspired by David Foster Wallace’s “How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart,” and the often undocumented wit and intelligence of my colleagues and … Continued

Five Days in Italy Through My Favorite Filters

| 7.3.16 | Tour diary. (Or, the photos that didn’t make it to Instagram.) Photos from a recent Tharp tour to Italy, where the company performed an evening of three dances scheduled to arrive in New York this month. Few … Continued